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The Art of the Perfectly Arched Brow

junio 29, 2021

Image of a woman's eye and beautifully arched eyebrow

Remove your eye makeup, your lash extensions if you can, and what’s left?

Better still, put on a mask. What do you notice? Your brows.

Are they thin and shapeless? Wild and bushy? An uninteresting straight line over your eyes? Not to put too fine a point on it, but are your brows daring and beautiful or just plain dull?

If they’re not worthy of attention, don’t despair. With a little TLC, brows can take shape… into the full, arched, healthy shape you’ve always envied… the kind that adds intrigue and interest to your, what do the French call it, visage.

Great Brows Don’t Happen by Chance

It takes patience and planning to get brows healthy, strong, and flexible. Only then can you define the perfect arch to “open” your eyes and highlight your face. It may sound daunting, but it’s not. And here’s the best part, when your brows become the focus of attention – with or without a mask – you need a lot less makeup! 

RevitaBrow® Advanced to the Rescue

Glam brows are healthy brows. There’s no way around it. If yours are dry, brittle brows, get help now… in the form of the gold standard of brow serums, RevitaBrow Advanced. Use every night to hydrate, protect, and strengthen.

Good Brows Speak Louder than Words

Whose brows do you love? Bella Hadid? Rihanna? Kylie Jenner? Gwen Stefani? Jada Pinkett-Smith? Kate Winslet? These beauties have changed their brows over the years, going from good, to great, to absolutely gorgeous… each with a splendid arch to highlight facial their unique structure.

Now it’s your turn to “speak out.”

Your Face Shape

There are few hard and fast rules for shaping your brows to complement your face. Most pros will tell you that a round face looks great with angular brows. It makes sense, as a way of adding variation to your facial structure. For a long face, try extending your brows, and oval faces can take shape with a high arched brow.

Start with Your Brow Pencil… as a ruler of sorts. Place the pencil vertically near the inside corner of your eye. Where it crosses your brows is where they should begin. Next, to determine the perfect length, take that same pencil and place it on the outside of your nostril, then turn it 45 degrees to align with the outside corner of your eye.

Here’s a tip: use a concealer to mark out your new brows. It’s easier to “erase” the marks.

Now for the Perfect Arch… placing the pencil once more near your nostril, align it with the very center of your eye as you’re looking straight ahead. That’s where your arch should reach its highest point. Remember – the arch should not be in the middle of your brows but rather the center of your eye. This trick makes all the difference in the world. 

Next… use the pencil to fill in the shape. You decide if you look best with an angled or a rounded arch. Round faces look best with angled brows, ovals with a more rounded shape.

Finally… remove the extra hair using angled tweezers. And not any old, cheap, dime-store tweezers. You need precision, otherwise you’ll over tweeze and damage your brows. You get what you pay for – professional-grade made of stainless steel that can be sanitized between uses, with a thin tip to select individual hairs rather than pulling out clumps. Have a peek at these pro-grade, Italian-made Precision Tweezers from RevitaLash® Cosmetics. 

P.S. Plucking can bring you to tears, but there are tricks to ease the pain. Apply ice to the area to numb the nerves before you start. And once you’ve got the defined shape you want, use ice again to reduce redness. A bit of witch hazel can also help ease redness and swelling.

So… get your brows healthy and hydrated, then start creating an elegant, well-defined, show-stopping arched brows. You can do this!


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