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RevitaLash Cosmetics for All…(Yes, Men Too!)

agosto 24, 2020

Image of Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and Volume Enhancing Foam

Beauty is about style and confidence; it knows no gender. At RevitaLash Cosmetics, we believe in creating beauty for all, yet we still have work to do when it comes to making men feel comfortable and empowered to adopt new products into their grooming routines. Below, we’ll break down some of our most popular products for men’s grooming and how you or your significant other can incorporate them into an easy, everyday routine that yields amazing results.   


One of the most popular regimens for men is our haircare collection. Studies have shown that 85% of men (and 65% of women) will experience thinning hair in their lifetime.* Luckily, with the right products and consistent use, you can combat fine, thinning, or lackluster locks and achieve the hair of your dreams. Enter the RevitaLash Cosmetics hair line: a total hair regimen  created to support optimum scalp health, fortify the hair cuticle and nourish and strengthen each strand for hair that looks thicker, feels fuller, and performs better. Here’s what you need to know:

Volume Enhancing Foam
Our Volume Enhancing Foam is a total game-changer when it comes to rescuing fine and thinning hair. This breakthrough formula features our proprietary BioPeptin Complex® - the same blend of essential nutrients found in our best-selling RevitaLash® Advanced – this is why we refer to it as “RevitaLash science for hair”.  That is to say that it does for the hair exactly what it does for lashes – adds shine and body, improves elasticity and combats breakage for more volumized hair. This breakthrough hair product is the perfect addition to your current haircare routine – with just a few pumps on wet or dry hair, you’re good to go – no build up, no stiffness or stickiness. For even more volume, try it along with our Thickening Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner!
RevitaBrow® Advanced
The hair on your head is just as important as the hair on your face, which is where RevitaBrow Advanced comes in. Did you know that aging brows can add years to appearance?  It’s true! When the tails of our brows start to show aging, that is when the appearance of our eyes gets smaller, look droopier – and well, OLD!  Both men and women desire the look for a strong bold brow, but not all of us were born with bold, dramatic arches. RevitaBrow Advanced works to strengthen, nourish and protect  against environmental stressors and aging for the fuller-looking, bold brows of your dreams, no matter your age.

While we don’t expect most men to dive into a full face of makeup, there are subtle things every man can to do help enhance their appearance. Here’s a few of our favorites: 

Hi-Def Brow Gel
This multi-purpose product is perfect for men who are looking to help groom their brows (or even their beard)! Whether you want to cover the greys, or fill in sparse areas such as thinning brow tails, Hi-Def Brow Gel has you covered with natural, easy-to-use shades.  It also comes in Clear which basically impossible to mess up, and with just a few short strokes brows and beards will be set for the day. It also features Peptides and Oat Beta Glucan to nourish and fortify brows and beards as you wear. Hi-Def Brow Gel is a perfect product for first time users, or the more skilled and experienced groomer.
Hi-Def Brow Pencil
Hi-Def Brow Pencil is the perfect way to add a little detail as needed, such as filling in a scar or filling out the ends of your brows even more. The end result will be incredibly natural thanks to Hi-Def Brow Pencil’s precision applicator that allows for hair like strokes. This easy-to-use formula also features Vitamin E for even more brow love.



Just like makeup, skincare is not just for women! We repeat – skincare is not just for women – and every man should have a good, solid skincare routine. Skin is skin and aging does not discriminate! Two of the most important factors in starting a skincare routine are cleansing and hydration. Here’s where to start:

Micellar Water Lash Wash
Micellar water is an amazing ingredient – one that should be in every good skincare routine. With just a few swipes of a cotton pad it removes dirt, oil, sebum and makeup, and doesn’t even need to be rinsed-off! We recommend washing your face with your normal cleanser, then following with Micellar Water Lash Wash to make sure your face, and especially the eye area, is squeaky clean.



Ready to start your journey to better hair, brows and skin? Shop our favorites below!


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