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Genius Gift Ideas for Every Type of Beauty Enthusiast

noviembre 01, 2023

Genius Gift Ideas for Every Type of Beauty Enthusiast

We might be biased, but we happen to think beauty products make the best gifts. The ultimate little luxuries, cosmetics like lash and brow serums, makeup, skincare, and haircare give your giftee an excuse to indulge in a few precious moments of guilt-free self-care…and unlike, say, a boring sweater, they won’t end up as clutter in the back of a closet once the holidays are over. 

But with so many beauty gifts to choose from, how do you pick the ones that will show your friends and family you’ve put serious thought into making them smile? We’re here to help, with gift ideas for every lash, brow, and hair enthusiast on your list.



Your loved ones who love to make their lashes the focal point of their look will be aflutter over our limited-edition collections starring our multi-award-winning, physician-developed lash serums.


For the Life of the Party: Ultimate Obsession Set

She’ll show up at all the season’s events with beautiful, healthy lashes and brows thanks to the full-size RevitaLash® Advanced and mini RevitaBrow® Advanced included in this set. A black Defining Liner will help her create a dramatic look, while a party-ready black velvet clutch is the perfect accessory for any nighttime affair.


For the Festive One: Most Coveted Collection

What’s inside is even more delightful than this set’s opulent, metallic gift box: Three fan favorite products for the price of the full-size lash serum alone. This offering includes a tube of our lash enhancing RevitaLash® Advanced, plus two makeup favorites that boast conditioning benefits for lashes and brows: our Double-Ended Volume Set primer and mascara and a Double-Ended Hi-Def Brow Gel.


For Your BFF: The Best of Lashes Kit

The best products for her best lashes…at the best price. This full-size trio includes our conditioning and strengthening RevitaLash® Advanced, our lash boosting Double-Ended Volume Set, and our long lasting and richly pigmented Defining Liner. Another exclusive.




Are strong, statement-making brows their favorite feature? These collections starring our 11-time Allure Best of Beauty winning brow serum will make their holiday.


For the Socialite: Ultimate Obsession Set

Here’s everything they need to make an entrance: A full-size RevitaBrow® Advanced enhances and conditions brows, while a mini RevitaLash® Advanced strengthens lashes, and a full-size Hi-Def Brow Gel creates the perfect bold brow look. The luxe black velvet clutch holds all their essentials for a night out.


For the Luxury Lover: Most Coveted Collection

The gilded gift box is (almost) as indulgent as the essentials inside: a full-size brow enhancing serum and two double-ended makeup minis—a brow-sculpting Hi-Def Brow Gel in two tinted shades and a Double-Ended Volume Set for the perfect lash look.


For the One Who’s in Her Bold Brow Era: Best of Brows Kit

She has some regrets (like those skinny 90s arches) but now she’s embracing the best brows of her life…and this full-size trio is here to help. The bundle comes with our multi-award-winning brow conditioner, plus our Hi-Def Brow Gel and Hi-Def Brow Pencil that nourish brows while creating a full, fluffy look. Only at



No matter who they are, if they crave fuller-bodied, luscious locks, they’ll be thrilled to unwrap a complete regimen that will transform their hair.


For the Haircare Lover: Volumizing Hair Collection

This full-size bundle includes the 3-step regimen for fine and thinning hair with nearly 20% savings—a value you’ll only find at Our Thickening Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner provide scalp therapy benefits while helping hair look and feel fuller. Our breakthrough Volume Enhancing Foam uses RevitaLash science to improve hair’s vitality, strength, and body.


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