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The Best Summer Makeup Looks to Try Right Now

julio 22, 2022

The Best Summer Makeup Looks to Try Right Now

There’s a coolness to the summer, even in the heat. It’s a magical time when you get to dress more freely, let your hair loose, and simplify your makeup routine. Spring colors turn to golden tones, full-coverage foundation becomes a barefaced glow, and straightened hair bows to natural texture and beachy waves. It’s a total vibe. 

So, what are the summertime makeup looks of 2022? Have a look… 

Beachside Beauty

This classic summer look is defined by bronze and golden tones and glowy skin. Perfect for date night or late nights poolside.

Keep the skin glowing with a tinted moisturizer. Cheeks should be bronzed and shimmery in warm tones. Highlights should be radiant. Let natural freckles shine through. And make sure everything is blended well.

Focus on your eyes, the windows to the soul. You want shimmery but subtle lids with lashes and brows that wow. Start with RevitaBrow® Advanced and RevitaLash®Advanced.* While you can enhance the drama with makeup, you need healthy lashes and brows to start. RevitaLash®Advanced is the class-leading lash conditioning serum that helps strengthen and protect your lashes. The scientifically advanced formula addresses the visible signs of aging due to chemical and environmental stressors, improves the appearance of lashes, and increases flexibility. As a bonus, you might also notice the Curl Effect® – an increase of your natural lash curl.  

Finish your eye look with Defining Liner. Play with your style – a cat or kitten eye, a soft smoky look, or just a light liner fill to enhance the lash line. The choice is yours. 

Finally, complete the look with beach-inspired hair. Go for volume and loose waves. All it takes is the right product. RevitaLash® Cosmetics Volume Enhancing Foam will transform your hair’s volume, without feeling stiff or sticky. The proprietary BioPeptin Complex® intensifies natural volume, boosts shine, and improves elasticity. Your hair will look fuller and more luxurious, and feel healthier and less brittle. Volume Enhancing Foam also helps combat breakage and conditions the scalp, giving your dry summer hair the extra help it so desperately needs.

Soft-Sculpt Brows 

Move over sharp, densely filled brows. Instead, try softly sculpted brows this summer for a look that’s more easygoing and free.

Start by lightly filling in your brows. You aren’t trying to go overly bold, but simply create symmetry. Keep the shading and shape natural. A pencil with a fine tip to mimic individual hairs, like Hi-Def Brow Pencil, is ideal. With its long-wear formula and ultra-fine tip, you can fill in any sparse areas without being obvious. 

Once filled, it’s time to sculpt. Using Hi-Def Brow Gel, work from the base of your brows and brush upwards. The luxurious formula not only helps tame and shape your brows with flexible, all-day hold, it also conditions, fortifies, and protects with every use. Choose a clear gel if you want to stay soft, or a tinted formula for more boldness without looking overdone.

Healthy natural brows are key to this look. Try award-winning RevitaBrow® Advanced. This power-packed serum conditions and strengthens brows, protects them from breakage, improves flexibility, and enhances brows’ natural appearance. In an eight-week consumer study, users reported more defined, bolder, and fuller-looking brows.** All in just a swipe a day!

Fresh Faced 

Want a light summer makeup idea? This trend is the perfect nonchalant style to keep you looking comfortably cool and youthful. Less is more here. Keep everything from your eyes to your lips natural, but perfected and bright.

For the brows, go for fluffy and carefree with minimal product. Hi-Def Brow Gel in clear will sculpt and tame your brows with a soft, flexible hold. No clumpy, stiff hairs here, just long-lasting flawless brows.

Enhance your eyes ever so slightly with a hint of eyeliner along the top and bottom lash line, rather than eye shadow. Defining Liner is a richly pigmented formula that glides on without skipping, pulling, or tugging. The precision tip allows for creating a thin line to accentuate your eyes without over-the-top boldness. The built-in smudge tool lets you blur the liner for a more subtle, soft look.

Mascara and lip products are optional. But nuance reigns… a light gloss or matte pink lip and a gentle lash curl should be all you need.

Au Naturale

How do you keep makeup fresh in the summer? Simple, don’t wear it! There’s nothing plain about this look even though there’s not much to it. It’s more summer minimalism with a focus on loving your skin, using quality ingredients, and enhancing your natural beauty. Are you improving something? Sure, but they’ll never know!

Let’s start with lashes and brows. Using both RevitaBrow® Advanced and RevitaLash®Advanced conditioning serums will enhance your natural brows and lashes without harsh ingredients like parabens, phthalates, fragrances, or gluten. The cruelty-free, vegan-friendly serums are backed by science and physician developed. You’ll see and feel the difference in your lashes and brows.

Want an even more nourishing experience? Try the new Lash & Brow Masque. An ultra-reparative, one-of-a-kind treatment that repairs damage from over-styling, professional brow or lash services, or just daily wear and tear. Just 15 minutes twice a week is enough to experience intense hydration. Lashes and brows will look healthier, and feel stronger, repaired, and replenished.

Can you add some makeup to the au naturale look? Of course, but keep it simple and subtle. Gently fill in your brows with Hi-Def Brow Pencil, or fluff them with tinted Hi-Def Brow Gel. Tight line your upper lashes using Defining Liner to create a more voluminous-looking lash line.

Make It Last

Love your look, but worried it will melt off in the heat? There are a few ways to help makeup last longer in the summer…

Primers – Primers help makeup ‘stick,’ literally. They’re designed to help products go on smoothly and blur imperfections, while giving the makeup something to cling to. 

Setting Sprays – Setting sprays are aptly named: they set your makeup. You spray your entire face, post makeup application, to seal in your makeup and keep it in place. Some setting sprays even offer added skin benefits like hydration or oil absorption.

Powders – Translucent pressed powders can help set your tinted moisturizer and concealer while controlling shine. Work with a fluffy brush, pick up a good amount of powder, and gently press into your oiliest areas. Then buff away the rest.

Remember, there is no wrong way to experiment with makeup. Beauty doesn’t need to follow trends. It’s an extension of your style, of how you are feeling, or an emotion you choose to express. Don’t take it so seriously… have fun!


Shop our favorites: 

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*RevitaLash® Advanced not available in California.

**Survey results from an independent 8-week consumer study including 112 women and men using RevitaBrow® Advanced.

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