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Your Questions About Hi-Def Brow Gel, Answered

Your Questions About Hi-Def Brow Gel, Answered

abril 28, 2023

A good setting gel is must for maximizing your brows’ impact. And if bold, dramatic brows are your signature, then you’re well aware that not just any brow gel formula will do.

Enter our award-winning Hi-Def Brow Gel.

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The Best Summer Makeup Looks to Try Right Now

The Best Summer Makeup Looks to Try Right Now

julio 22, 2022

What are the summertime makeup looks of 2022? Have a look…
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Image of woman with glowing skin

3 Makeup Looks for a Hot Summer

junio 18, 2022

The trending summer makeup looks of 2022 are sticking to their minimalist roots. Glowy skin, bronzed features, and bold brows are on the summer menu, and they’re a breeze to achieve. 
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Close up image of model applying Volumizing Mascara to her eyelashes.

More Voluminous Lashes… on the Double

junio 14, 2022

If long, full, dramatic eyelashes are high on your wish list, you’ll need the right mascara—and the right technique. Imagine a single product that requires just two simple steps to add 300% more lash volume—our model experienced this result in a recent test using our Double-Ended Volume Set. 
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Image of women looking in the mirror and using a cotton pad on her undereye

Smart Lash, Brow & Skincare for Impeccable Makeup

mayo 26, 2022

If you think makeup is only about covering up your skin, think again. A smooth, healthy canvas is an essential part of your makeup look. Caring for lashes, brows, and skin not only helps makeup look lovelier and last longer, it also improves your complexion while avoiding potential makeup-induced problems.
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Close up image of eye with graphic shaped eyeliner

Maximum Looks. One Perfect Liner.

abril 06, 2022

Tired of every new trend requiring another new product? There’s a way to experiment with of-the-moment styles without breaking the bank or cluttering up your makeup bag.
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Image of RevitaLash Cosmetics lash & brow color cosmetics including Hi-Def Brow Pencil, Hi-Def Brow Gel, Double-Ended Volume Set and Defining Liner Eyeliner

Your Eye Makeup Routine, Simplified

febrero 08, 2022

Multipurpose products streamline your routine, so you can do more in less time, save money, and look better. What’s not to like?
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Image of the Mascara spoolie and primer spoolie from the Double-Ended Volume Set

When It Comes to Mascara… Here’s What You Don’t Know

julio 15, 2021

You’d think after all these years, women would know all there is about mascara. Well, here’s what you don’t know: this cosmetic staple is more complex than you might imagine, with a history dating to 3,000 BC and beyond.
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Image of RevitaBrow Advanced, Hi-Def Brow Gel, and Hi-Def Brow Pencil standing together

Pencils and Gels and Pomades, Oh My!

mayo 18, 2021

Most brow products use the same language – tame, sculpt, build, accentuate. With such a myriad of products, it would be nice to know exactly what they do! Here's everything you need to know about all the brow products on the market, what they do, and how to use them.
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Image of Double-Ended Volume Sets standing upright and some laying down

Rock, Roll, or Stroke?

abril 20, 2021

How many ways to apply mascara can there be? You’d be surprised!
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Image of model applying Defining Liner eyeliner to her eyelid

Before You Use Any Cosmetic Near Your Eyes, Make Sure of 3 Things

marzo 24, 2021

When it comes to cosmetics, it’s important to look for high-end, science led products that ensure the utmost safety of your most treasured assets. We can’t stress this enough - no cosmetic is worth putting your vision at risk! 
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Image of double-ended volume set and applicator

Is a Forever Mascara a Reality?

marzo 18, 2021

Significant others and mascara – seems they're both the same. Something or someone comes along, and quite unexpectedly, you’ve found the proverbial Holy Grail!
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