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Meet The Best Anti-Aging Products For Your Skin, Lashes & Brows

agosto 17, 2022

Meet The Best Anti-Aging Products For Your Skin, Lashes & Brows

Maturing over time is natural, beautiful, inevitable, and something to be embraced. Aging with grace and style is the goal, right? It’s nature’s way.

But premature aging is something else altogether. No one wants to look older before their time. Visible signs of premature aging can be caused by modern day stress, environmental factors like UV rays and pollution, and even poor diet. 

Here's the good news: Today, right now, you can start looking as young as you are, and not a day older. The cosmetic sciences have kept pace with the damaging effects of modern life, and may have done them one better. There are new topical creams, masques, and gels to help you keep the youthful, healthy, hydrated, glowing look you desire. Remember this: Looking your age and better is about more than getting rid of wrinkles. Whether it’s skin, lashes, or brows, a youthful appearance is as much about hydration, shine, and overall health.


If your skin, brows, or lashes are looking older, there’s a very good chance one or all are damaged. From what? Too much processing, too much sun, you haven’t taken the best care. No matter the cause, before you can get them looking younger, brighter, and more attractive, damaged hair and skin need to be repaired… and fast. 

That’s where masques come in. Their intense moisturizing ingredients deeply nourish skin and hair to make an almost immediate difference in texture, hydration, and shine. Use once or twice a week to repair and restore skin and hair, protect from free radical damage, and soften. 

For Your Face: No matter your skin type and/or problems, there’s a facial masque that’s perfect for you. Whether it’s a cream, clay, gel, sheet, or exfoliating masque, the visible results can be incredible. Say goodbye to sallow, crepey skin as you plump skin with moisture, calm irritation, and add a youthful glow.

For Your Lashes and Brows: For the first time there is a masque specifically designed to repair lashes and brows: the breakthrough Lash & Brow Masque. Use once or twice a week to help repair weak, parched, brittle lashes and brows. Plant-powered Tri-Flora Complex is delivered via encapsulation technology to envelop each lash and brow hair with repairing, health-restoring nutrient-rich ingredients.

In a 3-week consumer study of 75 participants, more than 75 percent said their lashes and brows felt softer, and the moisture content had been restored after using the masque just one time. With continued use of three weeks, over 85 percent of users said their lashes and brows were healthier-looking, replenished, and stronger! 


With your skin, lashes, and brows on the way to looking better than they have in ages, it’s the perfect time to go to the next level. 

And whether it’s your complexion, lashes or brows, you’ll notice a few indispensable ingredients found in most top-tier products. These miracles of the cosmetic sciences are the ‘saviors’ of your lashes, brows, and skin. Any formula worth its salt contains one or more of these 21st century superstars.

Cleanse with Micelle Technology: How you cleanse your skin, brows, and lashes can make all the difference in the way they look. Rather than using harsh foaming cleansers that can strip moisture, choose a micellar water like Micellar Water Lash Wash that takes off makeup, dirt, and oil while adding moisture and soothing skin, lashes, and brows. In this formula, unique micelles attract and draw out impurities to cleanse without leaving any film or residue—leaving your eye area and face feeling refreshed.

Condition with Peptides: The discovery of peptides for cosmetics back in the ‘90s was revolutionary. There’s a reason they’re found in so many anti-aging beauty products today.

For lashes and brows, peptides are vital—and that’s why they’re featured in our BioPeptin Complex®, our proprietary technology that also includes biotin, lipids, and green tea extract rich in panthenol and helps to condition, strengthen, and soften lashes and brows while defending from breakage and brittleness. Address the visible signs of aging with RevitaLash® Advanced for lashes and RevitaBrow® Advanced for brows, both of which are powered by BioPeptin Complex®.


Self-Acceptance, Self-Improvement

Enlightened women and men have stopped the impossible pursuit of looking like a college undergrad forever. Instead, they are embracing self-care over surgery, and enjoying each decade of their lives with style, beauty, passion, and a dash of the confidence that comes with age.

Growing older is a gift to be embraced, not a curse to be denied. Doing so with style is an art. You are the canvas upon which your life is being painted. Be proud. Be fearless. Make it beautiful!

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